Fall 2007

Two Hawks Quarterly

Issue 1- Number 1-August 2007





Creative Non-Fiction


A Family Dictionary               Deborah A. Lott 

Cartwheel Soccer                  April Fitzsimmons

Letter to my Mother               Burcu




Painters                           Donald Strauss 

Wasteland                          Mark B. Papale

Children's Church                  Kathryn Pope

Leave Off Doves                    Sarah Long 

The Road Behind                    Sarah Ben-Zvi

Adelaide                           Alistair McCartney





In Praise of Two Hawks Fucking     Flint 

From Where I Sit                   Robert D. Montoya

Petra                              Robert D. Montoya

Headaches                          Crys Tobey


My Love is an Atlas                Crys Tobey


History's Middens                  Ed Frankel

Guelaguetza I                      Ed Frankel


Dark Parlors Remind Me of the      Ed Frankel

Spanish Civil War




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