Untitled by Jacob Lasham

God could be an illusion

and reincarnation

or resurrection could be


a flat stone in

your hand on a stony river bank

and then thrown


and if done correct

will go skipping across the water

and the water

could be an illusion as the stone touches


and if done correct

will be wet

on one side

and not wet

on the other


then with unseen force

will rise to the air

and then with unseen force

return to the illusion

of water


then up again

then down and repeats

until the stone reaches

the other side

of the river


but if it skips incorrect

the illusion will swallow

the flat stone with

all the moving


and sink

to greet




by the illusion

of God




About the Author:

Jacob Lasham divides his time in the Pacific Northwest; mainly Wyoming and Montana. A graduate of the University of Montana in Missoula, Jacob is currently pursuing his MFA, various publishing opportunities, and creating greater community appreciation of poetics.