Winter 2008


Two Hawks Quarterly

Issue 1 – Number 3 – Winter 2008


Untitled Jacob Lasham
I've Known Rivers Joseph McGonegal
Incurring Telaina Morse Eriksen
Finding Beautiful Karissa Chen
Rain Season Loretta Williams
Status Quo Eric Rydquist
Hatchet Devin Galaudet Kim Hutchinson
The Farm Fresh Egg Hunt Eileen Hodges
The Abortion Rana McCole
Every Little Girl's Fantasy (short film) Vanessa M. Nichols
One Thousand Calories
When You Couldn't Find a Sitter, You Took Us on Dates  
Kenneth State Park Haiku Series
Driftwood Melody Wendy C. Ortiz
Chant Peter Bergquist
Rooster Rock John Estes
Last Supper
Untitled Haiku Mickey Z.
The Sartre of Spin Cycles Peter Magliocco
At the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Sanctuary Richard Fein
Jazzwoman Nature  
In the Garden Katrina Phillips
New Day  
From Where I Sit Robert D. Montoya
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