Fall 2008

Two Hawks Quarterly

Issue 2 – Number 2 – Fall 2008



5230 Joan Sutton
Chalk It Up To Love Ed Frankel
Deconstruction John S. Pirres
Drive-by Beauty Wendy Hudson
Farbende Ed Frankel
Generation Lost Marykate Linehan
Ketchikan Allan Wasserman
LIGHT Denise Emanuel Clemen
Nice and Fat Telaina Morse Eriksen
Out of the Blue Sharon Berg
Pink Megan McCord
Revelation: A Play in One Act Philip C. Barragan, II
Siblinghood Josh Stewart
Standing in the ICU Shane Neilson
The Ashtray Benjamin Roberts
The Lovely Supermarket Peter Donald
The Undone Thing Virginia Stillwater Green
Untitled Catina Slade
When the Catfish Are in Bloom: Requiem for John  Fahey Ed Frankel
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