Joy of a Leg Man by Steve Meador

Joy of a Leg Man

In the silent heat of lavendered

water she trusts me to plow upon

sacred ground. I spread a film

of aloe cream, glide the razor

up her calf, dip into a tender cove

on the underside of the knee,

slide along the luscious plains

of mid-thigh then return to the next

row of stubble at the ankle to begin

another trip.  The kneecap is tricky—

rough ground—the only spot I catch

a stare from a pair of caution lights.

I finish nick-free, less from skill

than technology. After toweling

she bends slightly, hums, smoothes

almond oil balm on glycerin skin.

The scene lures me into a psychic state;

I read shaving fines on the tub’s bottom.

They tell me I will marry this woman

thirty years ago.




Steve Meador’s book Throwing Percy from the Cherry Tree, released by D-N Publishing in 2008, was nominated for several awards, including a National Book Award and a Pulitzer. His poetry has appeared Stirring, Umbrella, Blue Fifth Review, Word Riot, Prism Review, Mipoesias & many others. He has multiple Pushcart nominations. Find him at