Winter 2009

Two Hawks Quarterly

Issue 2 – Number 3 – Winter 2009


Build a Better Salad Joy Ladin
Christopher Columbus Rhys Schrock
Drinking With Hemingway David O’Neal
For Beauty is Nothing but the Beginning of Terror Lita Sorensen
Forty Years and Nights Kenneth Radu
Freaks E. Keene
Frogs and Princes Monica Foster
From a Poor Mexican with No Future Oralya G. Ueberroth
Mama Said, Mama Said Cheryl Armon
Rachel and the Burning Bush Claude Clayton Smith
Sunset and Highland Daisy Eagan
Sprung Kerry Trautman
The Weight Of The World Mark Bowers
Three Shorts Edward Mullany
Two Of Us At The Sistine Chapel John Grey
Vientiane, Laos: Staring at You Daniel Hudson
Why Not Fly Michael Onofrey
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