Experimental by Susan Johnson


At the observation station observers
tried observing themselves making
observations and were impressed
by the results. A film loop of a loop

of film being filmed in a loop.
For scientific purposes, some said.
For posterity said others, to preserve
in our selves the making of ourselves,

as seen in the making. Doesn't everyone
want a record of their life up close,
in a tea cup for instance, or framed
for display? No need for the outlook

of an outcast, but someone right
in the fray measuring their own
motionless motion before they too
drive home alone in the dark. 




Susan Johnson has an MFA and PhD from UMass Amherst where she teaches writing. She has had poems published in Poet LoreQuarterly WestPoetry NorthwestMassachusetts Review and others. She lives in South Hadley MA where she eats a lot of kale.