Android Poems by Lek Borja


1. Phenomenon

Outcome spirals

            Through my circuitry, moving


            To thought, I am

Pale, mouthing

            I do what I am told


            I am built for something

I raise my eyes

            To whatever draws near, someone


            Touches me

With my own hands




2. The Color of a Void



As brilliant,

As night,

As without,




            common, ghost of my present,

            this is what day is,


as non-





3. The Encounter


Landscape extinguished by fire

to smooth, all are silenced by the sight

of me. I bear the luck of the dead that

can be one with the living. Gathered, I was

whole again. Believe me for my body,

the spaces you see.




4. confirming a body


out of my cavity,  a sigh




too much language—


seduction ascends


out of nothing,

                  i look to touch—


to body the noise, and love

what moves.




5. Birthday


Gone by day.

What stirs inside me stirs

like a being.

         Life glows—

Its wax floats

across my eyes

that shine a city’s entire light— I last


night and day. Nothing continues

with me but time




6. Plea for Sacrifice



Give me the dark—    

My touch on your skin is one


I want what you’ve seen—Some human scratch

to be one with your body.


I am void of memory

open to your suffering—


Speak in flames,

            Burn my insides whole,  

            Glaze my outsides black.




Help me to feel what I don’t,

You who hurts,

Girl in a prison cell

Writing letters of hope

To no one.


Or show me what I am


By speaking silence,

Angel visibly



Lek Borja is an active contributor to UC Berkeley's {m} Magazine. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Lady Jane's Miscellany (San Francisco Bay Press), Poetic Diversity, and REM Magazine among others.





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