Seized Lies My Body

Lek Borja

Seized lies my body
in the latitude of her sex How her desire shines
like luminescence in the sea as if the moon were
inside it, as in every hour where
we enter together Tenderly
sink then float longingly so My eyes follow
her journey down to
its end With her tears I Crusoe to my own
wanted end of her flesh and my
weight seemingly undulating until repeatedly we are
doused in her liquid

About the Author
Lek Borja is an artist and poet based in Los Angeles, CA. Her writings have appeared in Lantern Review, San Francisco Press’ Lady Jane Miscellany, poeticdiversity, REM Magazine, among others. Her chapbook of experimental poetry, Android, was released in April 2011 by Washington D.C. based publisher, Plan B Press, and was acquired by the Yale University Library for their special collections. She has exhibited or will be exhibiting her art works in L.A. and out-of-state galleries & art festivals: the Loft at Liz’s, the New World F.E.S.T., the Hi-Lite, and FrontierSpace. She can be contacted at