Another 1958-Train-Trip-Mother Poem by John Repp

Snow. Towel

         for blankets.
                      Slippery leather seats.
Lord, give me strength.
          Dry cornflakes.
                    Up & down & up
& down & up
         & down the aisles.
                     Jump & you
sit. Dominoes. Ham
         on white bread with mustard.
                     Pulled one at a time
to the bathroom. Mine.
         Dry cornflakes. Up &
                     down & up & down
& up & down. Dunk
         the baby’s diapers
                     in the sink. Mine. Snow.
To the bathroom one
          at a time. Shut up.
                     Corn flakes. Up
& down. Checkers. Stay
         right there. Snow.
                     Big blue shiny
zippered bag.
         Lord, give me
                     strength. Peanuts.
Slippery. Fidget. Clickety-
          clack, the cat came back.
                     No. Up & down &. Picture
books. Shut
         up. Checkers. Loose
                     tooth. Up. Sleep. Big
blue bag. Stay right
         there. Apples. Lord give
                     me strength. Fidget. Playing
cards. Diapers. Saltines.
         Dominoes. Bread. Lord.
                     No. Fidget. Ham
on white. Story
         books. & up &.
                     Diapers. Corn.
Jump. Big
         blue. Dry. Ham.
                     Mine. White. Sit.
Snow. Towels. Lord.
         Slippery. Don’t. Flakes.
                     Dunk. Story. Blue—
Two days. No
         wonder things
John Repp
stream john repp imageJohn Repp’s poems have appeared in recent issues of Poetry, Whirlwind Review, and Slant, among others. His most recent collection is “Big Conneautee”  (Seven Kitchens Press Editors’ Series, 2010).
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