Bling Bling makes Webster’s Dictionary by Erren Geraud Kelly

She was surprised when I told her

I’d been to Europe

“Why’d you get so excited about

going there?” she said


I told her

I wanted to be somewhere

Where I didn’t feel American

She claimed she listened to

Hip hop


But long skirts told me

She belonged to god

She screwed up her face

When I said money and spirits

Weren’t my gods


It’s been three weeks since I’ve

Seen her at the coffeehouse

I shouldn’t have told her

I had a B.A.

I think she would’ve liked me

If I were more street

Erren Geraud Kelly
erren kelleyErren Geraud Kelly’s work has appeared in over 80 publications in print and online in various periodicals such as Hiram Poetry Journal, Poetry Magazine ( Online ) Riprap Journal, Convergence, Free Expression, Ray’s Road Review, The Write Place At the Right Time, Vox Poetica, and other places.   Mr. Kelly is the author of the chapboook, “Disturbing The Peace,” on Night Ballet Press.   Mr. Kelly lives in Chicago.