Ebony Body by Geraud Erren Kelly

She chills to pac p biggie bone

Because black pride is a special thing

And aping one’s culture

Makes her feel less guilty about her


She is rail thin stocky pleasantly


Around the middle sometimes

Down home pale with freckles

Rarely Hollywood tan

Maybe New England alabaster

Just enough accents around the breasts and hip

To make a brother get his game


Get him thinking about getting in that wet

A mutation god never finished

She’s down (some say she’s dumb)

Say it’s more hip to be square

But she’s a square peg

In a round-holed world

God never got around to finishing

Her properly

Ebony soul trapped in a white body

Erren Geraud Kelly
erren kelleyErren Geraud Kelly’s work has appeared in over 80 publications in print and online in various periodicals such as Hiram Poetry Journal, Poetry Magazine ( Online ) Riprap Journal, Convergence, Free Expression, Ray’s Road Review, The Write Place At the Right Time, Vox Poetica, and other places.  Mr. Kelly is the author of the chapboook, “Disturbing The Peace,” on Night Ballet Press.   Mr. Kelly lives in Chicago.