Valparaiso Is Burning By Marcela Urrutia

I’m not

at home


Nobody here

to hold me


I’m driving

to LA


It’s violent


A disintegration

of my core


Valparaiso is burning


A geographical



The port of the Pacific



The nights

The boats


This is my territory




A fragment sparkles


A Dia de Los Muertos glory

A dance of Azteca jumps


Valparaiso is burning


The flowers

The sky


Marcela Urrutia
Marcela UrrutiaBorn in Chile and raised in Venezuela, Marcela Urrutia and her family returned to Chile at the end of the 80s after eleven years in exile. In Chile, she studied Dramatic Arts, and was twice awarded a Cultural Fellowship from the Chilean Government for producing the first festival of young Chilean theater directors.

Currently, she lives in Southern California where she spends her time studying at Antioch University Los Angeles, raising her kids Gala and Max, gathering interviews of Latino America immigrant women, and writing.