The stone doesn’t fall far from the riot police by Yehoshuah Young

I often wonder if your child
leading other toddlers single file
will march in circles round and round
chubby legs and stoic frown

signs written in crayon
raised up high
a whole two and a half feet
pointing to the sky

tiny fists beating tiny chests
with not so tiny voices to protest
the horrors that do insist
to irritate them til they’re pissed

and Mama Chandra changes diapers
a little powder and butt wipers
and after a little nap or two
finds some new cause to pursue

new literature will line the shelf
to love thy neighbor more than thy self
“Hop on Cop” and “The Whistleblower’s Apprentice”
“How a poor American can see the Dentist”

Revolution spreading cross the land
starting in a box of sand
Change is coming can’t you see
it stands so tall just past your knee

Yehoshuah Young
11180126_10205032460865930_551988381_nYehoshuah Young is a Chicago born writer, indie filmmaker and student of the humanities and the arts. He is particularly drawn to history, mythology, cinema, art and music which he incorporates into his writing. He is currently studying education and liberal arts in Northern California