Kiss by Cynthia Rausch Allar

In your mouth, I am trying
to find it. I want to suck
it from you, take it into

my mouth and swallow, I want
to hold it inside me in
the long weeks we are

apart. I want to suck it
out, hold it in, warm
core around which I

can huddle, catch the heat
to my chest, breathe in
a thin, hot smoke

to ignite my throat, my lungs.
To fire my tongue, make
a dragon of me, flames

in my mouth, I am trying
in the long weeks, in the long-
ing, in your mouth, I am
trying to find it.

Cynthia Rausch Allar
Cynthia Rausch Allar - editedCynthia Rausch Allar received her MFA in Writing from Spalding University in 2004. She has
been published in anthologies such as Myrrh, Mothwing, Smoke from Tupelo Press, as well as
journals Naugatuck River Review, Evening Street Review, Off the Rocks, Paper Street, Bloom, New Millennium Writings, and others.