Two Hawks Quarterly Editors, Spring 2016

Two Hawks Quarterly Editors, Spring 2016Two Hawks Quarterly Faculty Advisers

Two Hawks Quarterly Editors, Spring 2016


Pictured left to right: Rachel Tenorio, Will Stegemann, Nick Wenzel, Deborah A. Lott, Meg Burby, Amy Ballard, and Ashley Okonma

Two Hawks Quarterly Editorial Consultants

Deborah A. Lott, M.F.A.
img_4181_opt (1)Deborah A. Lott is the author of the book In Session. Her creative nonfiction has been published widely in literary journals and anthologies.
Caley O’Dwyer, MA, MFT
CaleyO_opt (1)_optCaley O’Dwyer, MA, MFT, specializes in both Psychology and Creative Writing and is an Affiliate faculty member in the BA Psychology Concentration at AULA. His first book of poems, Full Nova, was published in 2001 and his poetry on the paintings of Mark Rothko has been on display at the Tate Modern Museum in London and published in numerous literary journals.