Last Night in Helsinki by Kirby Wright

The first snow
falls on the city.
An ancient Desoto
with a pearl roof
parks at the curb.
Face it, we’re
the couple
marked for tragedy.
You bump into me
window shopping —
your stiletto heel
stabbing my big toe
through sneakers.
You envision me
as a minor actor
in a cartoon world,
throwing your
red from martinis.
A cold wind
shifts my skin
to scales.

Kirby Wright
Kirby Wright’s second play, Asylum Uncle, opened at the Secret Theatre’s LIC Festival in New York on November 4th, 2016. Wright was the 2016 Artist in Residence at the Eckerö Mail and Customs House in the Åland Islands, Finland. He is working on a poetry and flash manuscript set in Helsinki and Stockholm, as well as a play about the life and times of King Kamehameha of Hawaii.