Founding Editors



bUrCu is a freelance writer/editor and a literary translator. Her poetry and prose appeared in various publications in the U.S. and in Turkey. When she is not writing, studying or “experiencing life on the edge,” she enjoys hanging out with Melissa, her daughter.

Photo by Victor Tankelevich

Sarah Ben-Zvi


Sarah was born and raised in Los Angeles — a city of endless traffic and dubious sunshine. She dreams of escaping to a secluded forest cabin where she can knit, make soap and bake carrot cakes. Until them, Sarah divides her time between work, school (where she is completing a B.A. in Creative Writing) and scrawling down short story plots and character ideas on Rite Aid receipts. Her writing has been published in the Santa Monica Daily Press.

Aaron Angello


Aaron Angello grew up in a haunted house in Cripple Creek, Colorado (population 748, elevation 11,000’), yet he doubts the existence of ghosts.He looks for answers in poetry, but usually ends asking himself, “How did I end up in Venice?”

Sarah Long


Growing up, Sarah wanted to be a famous Hollywood actress or singer, but her hopes were dashed when she learned that such occupations would require either the ability to show emotion on cue or a singing voice that didn’t make people want to plug their ears with cocktail napkins. She still occasionally breaks into song, much to the chagrin of anyone standing within hearing distance. Sarah a graduate of the B.A. in Creative Writing at Antioch University. Her poetry and musings can be found online at Slant Tales

Mark B. Papale


For 26 years, Mark lived his life in the white-hot and über-glam worlds of Travel and Corporate America. In 2005, jetlagged, weary of long lines, delays and mini-bar meals, Mark left a career as a Corporate Travel Manager to pursue writing. He is a graduate of Antioch University in Los Angeles.Mark’s writing can be found online at The Hungry Ghost