Fall 2010

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If by Abigail Templeton-Greene

             in remembrance of Eun Kang What if it were just called Monday, not Night of Remembrance, not Ceremony or Candlelight Vigil? If this night was a night with nothing to take back? If women did not carry tea lights or pray under a canopy of bamboo? What if there … Read more

Saturday Nights in Seoul by Alexis Stratton

  “Do you have a boyfriend?” It was one of the first questions my students asked me when I stood in front of their class on the opening day of the school year. Thirty-some heads of dark hair, thirty-some dark eyes, thirty-some blue-and-white uniforms, thirty-some giggling girls. “It's okay,” I said, calming down their laughter. “No, no … Read more

Biography for Mother’s Family Photos by Mishon A. Wooldridge

  I need a camera, to my eye, to my eye, reminding which lies I’ve been hiding                         -Wilco, “Kamera” There is profuse proof of my existence after age 10. My photographic life begins awkward, barely pre-teen.  Band concerts, summer camping, middle-school portraits of me with braces, family pets, all chronologically ordered into albums; a … Read more

Experimental by Susan Johnson

  At the observation station observers tried observing themselves making observations and were impressed by the results. A film loop of a loop of film being filmed in a loop. For scientific purposes, some said. For posterity said others, to preserve in our selves the making of ourselves, as seen in the making. Doesn't everyone … Read more

Granite by Zdravka Evtimova

Shon didn’t have enough money. All his friends had forgotten him. He couldn’t pay his sex tax and that meant that he could no longer be a man. He’d be processed into a stone, and he knew he’d be deaf and blind dust. Each particle of the dust he would turn into would be listening … Read more

Tarantino Fever by Eileen Murphy

It's midnight and the only two people in the green house are watching Tarantino films, the blood on the screen screaming "Get down!" The house shakes its roof doubtfully because the couple should go to sleep instead of arguing about who's the best director, and is Tarantino cool or only a wannabe, and is the … Read more

Spring 2010

The literary work featured in this journal is under copyright protection by the individual authors and artists and may not be duplicated or reprinted without their permission. Copyright © 2011 Two Hawks Quarterly

On His Blindness by Lauren Bishop-Weidner

Doth God exact day-labour, light denied.  (John Milton, 1608-1674)  Everyone recognized Dr. Nelson.  A political science professor at Southern Illinois University, the man was a campus fixture, kind and gentlemanly, impeccably dressed.  We marveled at the dignity and ease with which he and his guide dog navigated the hilly, wooded campus.  He was exotic, intriguing, … Read more

Under the Moon Light by Gary Metras

That scoundrel, man—he gets used to everything.                                                    Fyodor Dostoevsky   Maybe the moon is full and bright and earth reveals bones, shallow graves in a shallow war. Maybe the moon’s light plays with the meek fire of men cramped beneath a bridge in Ohio as they watch gray chunks of ice float down … Read more

Miles Davis in Blacksburg by Kyle Bradstreet

Their cell phones were still ringing. They were the EMT’s first words when hesitantly and anonymously telling his story to the local reporter. Working inside the hall he had been assigned a wet body, a hole where a breast should’ve been, and closed the victim’s still horrified eyes—a terrifying sight which had caused him to … Read more

New Year’s Eve 1980 by Raanan Geberer

"Have you heard the story of Gunny Joe? Who lived way down by the Kokomo? Aaaah, Gunny Joe!” Rob Rothstein bellowed the nonsensical rhyme at the top of his lungs, right in the middle of the sleazy donut place at 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue in Manhattan that he had entered to get away from … Read more

Poisonous by Morgan Songi

A Braided Essay Australian adult Cane Toads are heavily-built amphibians with dry warty skin. They have a bony head and bony ridges that meet above the nose and eyes.  Large swellings – the parotoid glands – are located on each shoulder.  All stages of the Cane Toad’s life-cycle are poisonous. The venom produced by the … Read more

Welcome to Egypt by Dawn-Michelle Baude

Algammah considers this urhent massge apologize to Allah from all soles which will be gone no way during this severe facing Oh God wi are sed   The call to jihad on the wall of Alexandria University of Egypt is a far cry from the fliers cheerfully exhorting, "Join Chess Club on Thursday!" or "Textbook … Read more

Dead for Decades by Steve Brightman

This morning I read Auden and his account of Icarus plunging into the apathetic sea, while I sat in a rocking chair sipping coffee cooled by milk that was nearing its expiration date.   Auden has been dead for decades and the sea remains unimpressed by us all.   Steve Brightman lives in Kent, OH, … Read more

Winter 2010

The literary work featured in this journal is under copyright protection by the individual authors and artists and may not be duplicated or reprinted without their permission. Copyright © 2011 Two Hawks Quarterly

The Lonely Life of a Federal Marshall by Paul Esposito

  “Penn Station” “Gotcha” The passenger looked up to the second story of the brownstone building and pressed his window switch.  As the tinted window lowered, his wife could be seen through the sun’s glare off the window of their second floor apartment.  She held their daughter in front of her as she stood in … Read more

River of the Dead by Betsy Russell

It happens faster than I can think: shadow, form of man, thrust of arm—             My hand understands; flies to my chest while my mind straggles behind, stupidly stringing bits of fact, bone handle standing from my blouse, liquid warm against my fingers, purse vanished as if it never was.             Understanding comes as the … Read more

Janan by Carole Standish Mora

She watched the end of her toes shuffle and appear alternately from under her long hijab. Everything looked blue from behind her veil.  She held the blue in her mind and gathered it, pouring it down to her heart, beating hard, a bird caught in a trap.  The dry heat of the desert, heavy, penetrating, … Read more

There Is No Other by Michelle Lauren Kay

            Today Claudette is wearing her pale blue suit with the power shoulders and extermination strength Happy in her quest to win the scent war with Red Jeans Ronnie down the hall. “Did you watch Obama last night on The Celebrity Apprentice?” She looms over my desk, having just greeted me with a few morning … Read more

Juxtaposed by John Medeiros

Minnesota.  I am here, but how did that happen? Here is blue and green and white.  Song in the air: whippoorwill by day, cricket by night.             These are the things that matter most today.             And I’ve been here since some once-upon-a-time January, when the frost first performed its wintry dance on my lenses … Read more

Yesterday by Mitchell Untch

after you’d gone our bodies uncoupled in the dark I lay in bed and started to think of things that are halved apples pears seeds and the knives that separate them I thought of doors half open half closed their wide unexpected swings into the middle of rooms how they halve distances I thought of … Read more

A Runny Nose in January by Kyle Torke

  Love is the loose elevator cable, a hibernating bear, A juggler with fire torches, a blister before the skin rises With pus, a leaky shock on a heavy truck going downhill, A shovel before the hole’s been dug or the seeds planted, A heart monitor without any sound, a juggler with fire Torches and … Read more

Alone by Kate McNairy.

Swim Lonely one,             Curley head  sinks rises up for air,             water separates limbs,                         Arm over arm I swim. I need   The Pills, have to             be exact (the terrifying cost).              I am a chemical                         cocktail, have no idea I am, But  Monday morns             I line up the … Read more