Fall 2009

Two Hawks Quarterly Issue 3 – Number 2 – Fall 2009 __________________________________________________ Genre X Legends of Lala Matthew Arnold The Rose Glass Kem Roy Neal Fiction Security in the Heartland Jeff Esterholm Summer Park Nina Frick A Journey of Self-Discovery, Not a Maelstrom of Self-Loathing Mark Gozonsky Horseville Lia Creative Non-Fiction Blue Loretta Williams...
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Summer 2009

Two Hawks Quarterly Issue 2 – Number 5- Summer 2009 __________________________________________________ Creative Non-Fiction     The Magic of a Hardboiled Egg Guixia Yin Lost Dennis Vannatta Haunted Memories in Three Movements A.J. Tallman Friend of the Devil Tim Doody     Poetry   Truthful Wishing about Oregon John F. Buckley Slowpoke Laura LeHew Botched...
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Spring 2009

  Two Hawks Quarterly Issue 2 – Number 4 – Spring 2009 __________________________________________________   Genre X     In a Distant Glow R.A. Freeman Stockholm Snoar (Stockholm Snow)  R.A. Freeman Resistance is not Futile  Kurt Bloom   Fiction     Bonsai Adam Sturtevant Evening Place Zan Bockes Elephant Man De Anna Brooks My Most...
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Winter 2009

Two Hawks Quarterly Issue 2 – Number 3 – Winter 2009
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