A Lot of Robins Not an Exaltation by Joannie Stangeland


Woke up, the wrong side of morning,

wrong side of the bed on the wrong

slide of sleep, tossing, thrashing,


on the wrong slip of sunrise,

the wrong side of robins singing,

singing on the wrong side of worms,


night’s dregs in the balance

in April, night’s teeth on the wrong

slight of my body, my body


the wrong stride of writing, coffee,

breakfast left on the counter,

and outside on the cold side


of the window, rye grass the wrong

side of the dirt, a forecast

for rain, clouds on the north side


of trees, moss wronging that same face,

moss as green as the monster

on the wrong side of my waking


to early news that gnaws long

and on the other side, a bank

of purple clover, three baby ducks.

Joannie Stangeland
Joannie Stangeland

Joannie Stangeland is the author of In Both Hands and Into the Rumored Spring from Ravenna Press, and three chapbooks. Her poems have also appeared in Prairie Schooner, Mid-American Review, The Southern Review, and other journals.