Date Night by Amy Bilodeau

miniature horses canter in our blue

distance   the heavens open

like a cantaloupe   skymother

paints her lips dreamsicle

dusk     miniature horses two-step

in the here-and-now   I hand you

my four-legged heart   the hoof

– heavy muscle opens on a hinge –

the music spilling out

is all automaton pop   miniature

horses assemble electronics

in the hot-and-hazy up ahead

riderless caravan   faraway

factory   glue-bound & home

Amy Bilodeau
Amy Bilodeau

Amy Bilodeau’s work has appeared in Connotation PressMonkeybicycleSweet, and elsewhere. Her full-length manuscript was a finalist for the 2017 Four Way Books Levis Prize in Poetry. She lives in Bloomington, Indiana.