Holiday Log by JL Schneider

“Distance is the most important thing in the doings of the heart.”

–Guy Davenport


Beneath the swan-necked lampposts

even the happiest are lonely and see

the light as prey.


Unchaste trains sniff in

from distal sinner realms

like grazers from the musk fields.


A little blue bag

of tears clutches her mother’s

pearly hand and when


their train arrives a wave

lifts their forms

into one, based on flowness.


Distance litters the sky

above the cathedral station with a few

smutty snowflakes. Later, coitus,


that temporary, violent

overthrow of the day’s

status quo. Dozens of us


one-of-a-kind strangers

and the loved ones who come

between us.


JL Schneider
JL Schneider

JL Schneider is a carpenter and an adjunct professor of English at a small community college in upstate New York. Winner of the 2015 Prism Review Poetry Contest, his poetry collection It’s Strange Here was recently published by Vine Leaves Press. You can visit him on the web at: