Pluto by Dov Weinman

we are walking together near 7th and 50th

she’s all black curls and big eyes

I’m all limbs and awkward

the normal “us” things

a ragged-hard looking guy

pushing an empty wheelchair

yells at me

hey man hey man he says

your shirt, I like your shirt

which says Pluto 1935-2006:

revolve in peace

little friend

it’s admittedly a personal favorite

borrowed (stolen actually)

from a female roommate

and this guy is all flailing limbs

gaping mouth and spittle on his chin

and with all of that going on

wanting to talk about dwarf planets



he’s wildly gesticulating

conducting an orchestra

taming a lion

fighting an octopus

he’s so excited

I am sure nobody

has ever been this excited about

an astronomy shirt

I talk with him a bit as I walk

down the sidewalk following

all those black curls

she is my gravity


and I’m saying yes yes I know man

it’s such a shame about Pluto

and then we’re crossing the street


away from him

out of his orbit

Dov Weinman
Dov Weinman

Dov Weinman is an Oregon born mountain-poet that enjoys ultramarathons and raising chickens. His poetry has appeared in the Whitefish Review, Poetica Magazine, Canary and other publications. After a M.S. in environmental studies from the University of Montana he became a Peace Corps volunteer for coastal resource management in the Philippines.