Want by JL Schneider

I am a good mother.

The other day I laughed

like an adult with my son at his claim

to everything he doesn’t have, to

let him know


the distance

between supper and bedtime

is a small universe

opened and closed

by desire.


I do not bury my faults

too deep nor water

them with confession. I have mattered

from time to time, and have

let him cry


when I am on my knees

in front of a man.

I have given birth

to thirst

and imagined


the things I want

because they are not there. Like

that boy in 10th grade with nine fingers

missing the one (not that one)

I wanted inside me.

JL Schneider
JL Schneider

JL Schneider is a carpenter and an adjunct professor of English at a small community college in upstate New York. Winner of the 2015 Prism Review Poetry Contest, his poetry collection It’s Strange Here was recently published by Vine Leaves Press. You can visit him on the web at: