Blue by Loretta Williams

I still miss those pajamas — my hospital pajamas — white with blue roses and thin stripes.  My mother made the pajamas for me when I was seven. It was my first trip to the hospital to see if doctors could divine the odd sloshing rhythm that had made my heart unreliable since birth.  Whatever … Read more

ORBIT by Melissa Mason

And it seemed that, just a little more—and the solution would be found, and then a new, beautiful life would begin; and it was clear to both of them that the end was still far off, and that the most complicated and difficult part was just beginning.

Anton Chekhov

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TAGORE’S KISS by Shome Dasgupta

The echoes in Kolkata’s Albert Hall Cafe were vibrant and gloomy. As I sat at a table and read Tagore’s “The Living and the Dead,” the indiscreet murmur of the room settled into my head rather than Tagore’s words. I folded the top corner of the leaf and closed the book. I looked around the cafe, which seemed more like a

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Sniper-Man! Sniper-Man! Does Whatever a Sniper Can by April Fitzsimmons, Sgt. USAF (1985-1989)

 LOS ANGELES, CA – “I was a sniper,” he said.

“But you’re out now?”

“Yeah. I did six years but I’ll probably re-enlist.” “Why?” I asked. “He’s got kids,” Galley-man hollered from his post.

I was charging my lap-top down in the galley and at the next stop in Chico, Sniper-man got off to smoke and Galley-man told me he’d cut off Sniper-man’s booze at 3am after he and another Iraq Vet drank most of Amtrak’s mini-bar.

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The Masked Boxer by Marykate Linehan

It was 13 years ago. I am 9 years old. It is a sweltering summer. The ocean breeze arrives right before sundown. The neighborhood children and I have gathered to play Flying Colors. We are choosing teams. A younger, filthy boy (resembling Pig Pen) walks up to me.

“ Girls can’t do anything!” Hunter says to me in front of everyone.

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Making Movies by Martha Woodroof

I was 21, living in Houston, and appearing in a play called Fire, when Robert Altman came to town to film BREWSTER MCLEOD, a now mostly-forgotten movie that was now mostly-forgotten actor Shelley Duval’s debut. Rumor had it Mr. Altman had plucked her from behind the cosmetics counter at Foley¹s department

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Bugs By Morgan W. Strauss

            Instead of thinking about Sonny, his traveling companion wishes she were in Spain.  How far of a drive is it from Granada to Barcelona?

            Twenty miles south of Fresno a sign says Visalia 24 miles. Sonny pilots the car with dirty hands, a torn shirt, an unintentional beard, last year’s haircut and a diet of ice and ketchup packets.  He looks over

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