Fall 2008

Two Hawks Quarterly Issue 2 – Number 2 – Fall 2008 __________________________________________________       5230 Joan Sutton Chalk It Up To Love Ed Frankel Deconstruction John S. Pirres Drive-by Beauty Wendy Hudson Farbende Ed Frankel Generation Lost Marykate Linehan Ketchikan Allan Wasserman LIGHT Denise Emanuel Clemen Nice and Fat Telaina Morse Eriksen Out of … Read more

Johnny by Loretta Williams

This is not a story anyone wants to hear, so I’ll give it to you slow. You let me know when you’ve heard enough. My cousin Johnny wasn’t really my cousin. He was the stepson of my aunt, my mother’s older sister who had had a bad first marriage and rather than marry again, decided … Read more

The Art of Rush Hour Traffic by Josh Stewart

Everyone is leaning forwards as though the wind is dragging them             backwards through the day, but the cars are inching ahead,   barely moving, but in a hurry to reach another ending that you wouldn’t find in a fairy tale.   People going the same direction have never before gotten … Read more

the jasmine hedge is intoxicating by Gretchen Mattox

I fear being like her and I am like her the critical part that wants to hurt the other render them helpless and needy no one measuring up, everything falling short like the woman on the news who bit the nose of the pitbull that attacked her retriever (really happened) I like to break skin, … Read more

Untitled by Kurt Bloom

See the crane sleeping It’s neck sways when the wind blows Please don’t fall on me Homeless Jack mines gems Paris Hilton is his love Their genie said so Sidewalk weed grows tall See the green leaves reach for sun I stomp it down flat About the Author: Born Seattle 1968. There really isn’t much … Read more