There Is No Other by Michelle Lauren Kay

            Today Claudette is wearing her pale blue suit with the power shoulders and extermination strength Happy in her quest to win the scent war with Red Jeans Ronnie down the hall. “Did you watch Obama last night on The Celebrity Apprentice?” She looms over my desk, having just greeted me with a few morning … Read more

Three Shorts By Edward Mullany

 Professor Winkle Professor Winkle, eating alone one night at a table for two in the little Chinese restaurant on Main Street, is seen beyond the window by two of his female students who are hurrying along to a bar further down the sidewalk.   “Let’s go in,” says the first girl, half-joking. “I swear he always … Read more

Summer 2008

Two Hawks Quarterly Issue 2 – Number 1 – Summer 2008 __________________________________________________     A Letter Not Sent Kristine Ong Muslim Are They Real? Virginia Silverman Avoiding Her Art Eugenie Theall BLOCK Darby Bailey Bread & Tablecloths Sergio Ortiz Childless Eugenie Theall Defeating the Forces of Café Amore Laurie Barton FAMILY OWNED R. Neal Bonser Forever 18 Casey Cohen Mulling Spices Jennifer Bradpiece ORBIT … Read more

Spring 2008

Two Hawks Quarterly Issue 1 – Number 4 – Spring 2008 __________________________________________________ Between the Bells Gina Maria DiPonio Bugs Morgan W. Strauss Catch Diana Corbin Crawl, Toddle, Walk, Run Darby Bailey Dancing Zachary Ash Dead Man’s Nail Dennis Fulgoni Dichos, and the Things my Mother Told Me Philip C. Barragan II Dining Alone Darby Bailey … Read more

Winter 2008

  Two Hawks Quarterly Issue 1 – Number 3 – Winter 2008 __________________________________________________         Untitled Jacob Lasham I've Known Rivers Joseph McGonegal Incurring Telaina Morse Eriksen Finding Beautiful Karissa Chen Rain Season Loretta Williams Status Quo Eric Rydquist Hatchet Devin Galaudet Kim Hutchinson The Farm Fresh Egg Hunt Eileen Hodges The … Read more