Poisonous by Morgan Songi

A Braided Essay Australian adult Cane Toads are heavily-built amphibians with dry warty skin. They have a bony head and bony ridges that meet above the nose and eyes.  Large swellings – the parotoid glands – are located on each shoulder.  All stages of the Cane Toad’s life-cycle are poisonous. The venom produced by the … Read more

In the Eyes of the Lord by Joshua Mattern

“People want to hear stories about good men doing great things.  Or they want bad men to be broken down by the great ones.  The very edge you can push people to, is to give them a story about bad men who get pushed, by pure circumstance, to do something not too horrible.  I heard … Read more

I Have A Thumb Like Carl by Darby Bailey

I Have Thumb Like Carl Inspired by the poem ‘Musings of a Police Reporter in the Identification Bureau’ by Carl Sandburg. About Darby Bailey: Voluntarily removed from parochial school in the 4th grade over sexual content in a book she was publishing for friends, Darby Bailey eventually went from downtown Salt Lake City to … Read more