Winter 2011

The Winter 2011 issue features Creative Nonfiction from Micaela Seidel, Genre X from Sarah Long, and Poetry from Lek Borja, Michelle “Strawberry” Heymann, Wednesday Hobson, and Jessica Kincade

When by Michelle Strawberry Heymann

  I judge myself deeply, harshly – don’t allow courtesy given others, thoughtless tortured by tumultuous thoughts, ticking driving negativity nails through, aching begging, the merciless obsession eradicated, relentless screaming behind frozen stare, scared floods back like recoiling toes from cold water, endless forgiveness, permission – breathe and be, redemption when         … Read more

Paul by Wednesday Hobson

  I cannot muster effort enough to show what is and unspoken there what little deserves and overly qualifies a human to which I am particular.   There is a body: made of sinews, contrasting with elasticity – his rubberband arms and legs cinnamon facades made for over-ambiguity – preserving a heart perpetual pumped this … Read more

Drive-Through by Jessica Kinkade

A buck ninety-nine. If you pull up to the Window at 32nd and Rose And order something cheap but good With a tad more fat than you know you should Have but secretly crave, Make sure to tell them to make it a value meal, And they’ll wrap her in whole wheat lace And stick … Read more

If by Abigail Templeton-Greene

             in remembrance of Eun Kang What if it were just called Monday, not Night of Remembrance, not Ceremony or Candlelight Vigil? If this night was a night with nothing to take back? If women did not carry tea lights or pray under a canopy of bamboo? What if there … Read more

Experimental by Susan Johnson

  At the observation station observers tried observing themselves making observations and were impressed by the results. A film loop of a loop of film being filmed in a loop. For scientific purposes, some said. For posterity said others, to preserve in our selves the making of ourselves, as seen in the making. Doesn't everyone … Read more

Under the Moon Light by Gary Metras

That scoundrel, man—he gets used to everything.                                                    Fyodor Dostoevsky   Maybe the moon is full and bright and earth reveals bones, shallow graves in a shallow war. Maybe the moon’s light plays with the meek fire of men cramped beneath a bridge in Ohio as they watch gray chunks of ice float down … Read more

Tuesday Afternoon Shopping by Matthew Roberts

Tuesday Afternoon Shopping. This one night stand that I was looking for has now wasted 4 months of my life. She looked beautiful on the dance floor, that’s all different on Tuesday afternoon as she dumps a large box of condoms into the shopping trolley. She says, ‘It costs less when you buy more of … Read more

For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror By Lita Sorensen

 For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror                                                 (found phrase) after Rilke   That first flush of daylight against the hills— the rosy fingers of antiquity still with us, now, leavening the sky across black branches curving, hatched and glorious: alive, as we eke human cries through days and centuries, believe our own … Read more

Farbende by Ed Frankel

The iron treadles rock and doven in the flatiron shadows, pressed air and piece work. Hungry hands move like birds. Every week the girl who makes the least gets fired. You march arm and arm with women from the factory, a banner draped across your chest and you sing. Farbende I used to call you—the … Read more

Chalk It Up To Love by Ed Frankel

And then, hooked up to tubes and oxygen, She was screaming, catch me Joey, I’m falling! I picked her up, the heft and weight Of rabbit bones wrapped in silk, I’ve got you Rose I’ve got you. There were things I wanted to ask her, But she was calling me by her brother’s name. It … Read more

Siblinghood by Josh Stewart

Remember the days when you would tease me until my insecurity overflowed and I ended up punching you? Remember how you’d go crying to mom, and get me thrown in my room for an afternoon of exile in my imagination? Those were good days. Remember when summer sunlight was in infinite supply? Remember when our … Read more

Untitled by Catina Slade

Although I sympathize with him and understand his childhood, and all the fear and pain; and although I have a story of my own which seems to me triumphant, his feelings are all that matter. About the Author: Catina Slade still enjoys word play ever since she wrote a poem for a childhood friend which … Read more

Summer 2008

Two Hawks Quarterly Issue 2 – Number 1 – Summer 2008 __________________________________________________     A Letter Not Sent Kristine Ong Muslim Are They Real? Virginia Silverman Avoiding Her Art Eugenie Theall BLOCK Darby Bailey Bread & Tablecloths Sergio Ortiz Childless Eugenie Theall Defeating the Forces of Café Amore Laurie Barton FAMILY OWNED R. Neal Bonser Forever 18 Casey Cohen Mulling Spices Jennifer Bradpiece ORBIT … Read more

Soul’s Call by Jonathan Emrys

A Poem of Premonition: Wednesday, July 16, 2008 The crows collect in front of my window. They call for souls to make a widow. Alerting me, the signs are near. Their caws and claws and passing fears. I stir, I wake, I feel un-right. The souls have lost another fight. I sway and drop at … Read more

Spring 2008

Two Hawks Quarterly Issue 1 – Number 4 – Spring 2008 __________________________________________________ Between the Bells Gina Maria DiPonio Bugs Morgan W. Strauss Catch Diana Corbin Crawl, Toddle, Walk, Run Darby Bailey Dancing Zachary Ash Dead Man’s Nail Dennis Fulgoni Dichos, and the Things my Mother Told Me Philip C. Barragan II Dining Alone Darby Bailey … Read more

Time to Repaint the Barn by Darby Bailey

Shielded from a westward sun that could burn Through ripply glass circa 1899 Mandy the puppy buried open, no urn Covered above in sweet pea vine The shadows of Cottonwood trickle and turn White soft stars of dandelion Fall in the shade of the big red barn Next to a Kern’s jar filled with turpentine … Read more

I See Gay People by Dale Madison

I See Gay People (click here to open up in Quicktime) About Dale Madison Dale Madison knew he was a performer since his first grade appearance in “Jimmy and the Sleep Fairies.” He received his first on screen film credit on the original 1988 John Waters movie, Hairspray. As project manger of the Men of … Read more

Crawl, Toddle, Walk, Run by Darby Bailey

  I am scared to step over the edge of the pier I tell myself      When I get there I will be happier      When I get there I won’t remember feeling bad      When I get there I’ll have more control   I tell myself to not look back   … Read more

The Art of Rush Hour Traffic by Josh Stewart

Everyone is leaning forwards as though the wind is dragging them             backwards through the day, but the cars are inching ahead,   barely moving, but in a hurry to reach another ending that you wouldn’t find in a fairy tale.   People going the same direction have never before gotten … Read more

Nobody Thought It Would Rain At God’s Funeral by Mike Rosen

They were too overwhelmed by the sight of decaled media vans and fiending paparazzi rising up the hillside, one cocked elbow at a time. A man from Hong Kong, along with a woman from Denmark and a teenager from Paramus, New Jersey all watched the spectacle from their cell phones as they each spent one … Read more

the jasmine hedge is intoxicating by Gretchen Mattox

I fear being like her and I am like her the critical part that wants to hurt the other render them helpless and needy no one measuring up, everything falling short like the woman on the news who bit the nose of the pitbull that attacked her retriever (really happened) I like to break skin, … Read more

Untitled by Kurt Bloom

See the crane sleeping It’s neck sways when the wind blows Please don’t fall on me Homeless Jack mines gems Paris Hilton is his love Their genie said so Sidewalk weed grows tall See the green leaves reach for sun I stomp it down flat About the Author: Born Seattle 1968. There really isn’t much … Read more